Terry's Beetle Services
Terry's Beetle Services


The History Of Terrys







25th March 1986.

Luke Theochari and Peter Englezos formed

Terrys Beetle Services

Specialising in engine building, servicing, restoration work, accident repairs, welding, performance, custom and speed modifications, concours preparation.




Early 1987 saw the purchase of a 1974, 1300 Beetle on a Monday and six days later ‘Moody’ was taken to Santa Pod Raceway for a ‘run what ya brung’ meeting.  The car was stripped, fitted with a flip front, light weight removable rear wings, rear panel, engine lid and a 1776cc engine ( borrowed from our collegue Tony's car).  The car was constantly developed and modified after every meeting with a proper log book of every change and modification recorded.


The best-timed run for Moody was 9.96 seconds at 136.6mph at North Weald on 29th July 1989. That was some buzzzzzz and so was the celebration that followed !

Luke took sole ownership of Terrys Beetle Services in September 1991.






The work kept coming in and Terrys Beetle Services became more and more established with the company motto …


We’ll bend over backwards for all our customers! …… but never forwards!’


Back in 1993 Moody was stolen and stripped of all its race parts


A Pauter engine was ordered for the car and upon a visit to the U.S. later that year a deal was struck with Ron Lummus to supply a full tube chassis and parts to build a New Moody.


The new car, named Still Moody, (not Moody II) featured a full RLR >>> chassis with funny cage around the driver, a narrowed link pin beam with spindle mounted Douglas Wheels, type 2 gearbox, Pauter 3100cc engine with a CO2 Intercooler, Rajay turbo, 850 Holley, dry sump system etc, etc.



After 4 meetings in 1994 the car ran 9.48 @ 142mph.  The car was sidelined due to other commitments and currently holds the position of the World's most expensive shelf !!


Over the years TBS have entered different cars into various concours competitions.


Some of the peoples other favourites include: -


Helen Theochari’s black and flamed ’55 oval, which was a daily driver ran 14’s back in 1993. She loved that car !



Luke’s ‘Olive’, a 1979 RHD Kolibri Green Cabrio, with green mohair hood, green recaro leather interior.  Lowered German looker ( before German Lookers were invented )



Ivan McCutcheon’s 1967 which was repaired after its fire damage and featured a 2.0ltr TBS engine which kept him happy for several years.



Keith Seume’s ‘Inch Pincher’ replica that won best paint at the Volksworld show.  We liked it even more when the old boy let me paint it black - it looked a lot harder !





Our super low mileage ‘78 RHD Kolibri Green Cabrio which collected a trophy wherever it went except for Stanford Hall - it needs to be metallic blue or white to win there.  :)


Our much talked about Turquoise Green mobile shop. Seen a few times  at the Volksworld Show 2001 and kitted out as a sweetie shop.




The RIOT VW – 28th April 1998 saw the delivery of the first two New Beetles into the UK.  Our silver arrow LHD high spec version and Brian Burrow's white one that was instantly given the ‘Herbie’ treatment.  As they say, you either like them or you don’t. We loved ours even though we couldn’t reach the centre of the roof to clean it properly! That was easier when we lowered the suspension...


Over the years we have really enjoyed working on a lot of cars for a lot of people and after 26 years we are still looking forward to the next project.


Most owners love their cars and they are an extension to their character.  We cater for all types such as those who have had them from new and have got old with them. Those who use them for work such as Jamie Olivers ’59 Samba (’The chef’s Ride’). He did a tour of Italy in his and wondered why it was smoking like a goodun ! Thats what happens when an owner carrys on filling his oil catch can up with oil until the whole engine and oiling system is completely full of oil !



Very famous person, but loved his VW just as much as anyone else loves theirs! Its gone to a fine home now.




Another famous owner is Jenson Button with this gorgeous 1956 Double-door Panel Van. We supplied him with this vehicle and he was soon back for a lowering job, IRS conversion, whopper engine conversion etc, etc.  We are sure that driving this van around gave him the edge to win the F1 Championship a couple of years ago! :)





 One of the World's most famous cars - Herbie AKA H2 from "The Love Bug" film 1969 now lives  with us and we are trying to keep you updated with his more interesting travels in our Herbie pages.